The food at Monol are so good that it breaks your diet plan, Duffy says

Thức ăn tại Trường Monol thực sự rất ngon và đa dạng rau củ quả. Mời các bạn xem nhé!

Baguio English Schools Association

by Duffy

Time flies so fast that my study abroad program in Monol has ended in a blink of an eye. Since I had to study continuously during the weekdays, it is very important to have a healthy and proper diet.

Monol has professional chefs who prepare nutritious food three meals a day for students of different nationalities. The academy’s dining hall is located at B4, the floor just above the classroom area. After eating breakfast, you can directly go to your class. Very convenient! Also, whenever you pass by the dining hall before going to class, you can smell the delicious food the chefs are preparing. Breakfast is served from 6:50-8:00, while lunch is served from 11:50-13:00 and dinner are at 17:50-19:00.

The kitchen staffs are very friendly and kind. They usually wait for all the students to finish eating before packing up. There was a time when I…

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