Cebu, Baguio và Manila: nơi tốt nhất để học tiếng Anh tại Philippines

 Introducing Manila, Cebu, and Baguio as the cities to study English

These 3 cities are the best places to study English according to many students.

Thủ đô Manila – Trung tâm kinh tế, chính trị của Philippines

Baguio – Thành phố sương mù như Đà Lạt của Việt Nam

Cebu – Trung tâm du lịch, kinh tế và thành phố biển nổi tiếng của cả thế giới

Baguio is known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its low climate that promises a good escape from the tropical heat. It has scenic views of the mountains, well-preserved culture, and very active art movements. The city has a low crime rate and increasing development with the continuous effort of the government to boost its tourism.






Manila is the capital and the very center of education, business, and commerce of the Philippines. It is the same reason why the city is too crowded for it is the place where entrepreneurs, employees, and students flock. The busiest city in the country, Manila is known to have a high rate of crimes and high level of pollution. Those who live in the concrete jungle find it a paradise, but those who just want to have fun and comfort may not find the place appealing.





Cebu is a huge city that offers a lot of entertainment. Called the Queen City of the South, it is ideally suitable for vacation and travel goals with your friends, family, and loved ones.







In studying the English language, Philippines is one of the top hosts of the excellent learning providers. All the three cities guarantee your advancement on English proficiency but each city has something unique to offer on your experience. Just figure out what your needs are and compare to what the city can give.

Beside these 3 cities, Bacolod and Iloilo are also very popular for international students to come and study English in the Philippines.

Source: BESA


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