Wales: Những lý do nên chọn Baguio là điểm đến để học tiếng Anh tại Philippines

There are more than 30 English language schools with different strengths and fees, so students will find it a little bit difficult to choose the right one when deciding to study in Baguio – the Philippines.

WALES – Reasons to choose Wales – Baguio

Known for being a top-notch English language school with a wide variety of programs, excellent teachers and other advantages, WALES will provide a valuable learning experience for students.

Qualified teachers

The result of learning the English language depends on a number of factors besides the individual’s aptitude and endeavor. The instruction and motivation of the teacher are also important. Therefore, WALES always concentrates on the selection and maintenance of quality human resources for educating this popular international language.


Particularly, the teachers are selected by a professional process, ensuring the criteria: knowledgeable, experienced, and most importantly, dedicated and always ready to accompany students on conquering the language barriers. WALES also develops a transparent assessment system and competitive welfare policy to maintain, stabilize and continuously improve the quality of training at the school.

Personalized curriculum

A variety of programs are researched and designed by WALES, such as English as a Second Language (ESL flexible, ESL, ESL Plus), Business English, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS (Pre IELTS, IELTS, IELTS Intensive) or special programs namely Summer Camp and Internship to meet the demands and qualifications of students coming from different countries.


The WALES’ curriculum is designed to be flexible based on the results of entry tests, weaknesses and strengths as well as the specific requirements of each trainee. With the suitable learning process, modern teaching methods and the support of the best teachers will help students improve their English skills after a short period of studying and training at this school.

Ideal academic environment

The policy of only speaking English is strictly enforced at WALES. Accordingly, students are required to use English between 8am and 10pm daily and limited to using their native language after this time. Therefore, students have the opportunity to be immersed in a comprehensive language environment, practice and acquire language effectively.


Students spend 6 to 8 hours learning English with Filipino teachers (1:1 classes and group classes) every day. Upon completion of the daily program, students at WALES are encouraged to spend at least 2 hours of self-study. They are given permission to use the man-to-man and group classrooms at the school for educational purposes during this time. Thanks to the academic environment at WALES, students have the possibility to develop their English reflection ability, form a habit of learning discipline and make reasonable plans even if they finished their course in WALES already.

Diversified supportive services

In order to ensure the ideal learning environment for students, WALES noticeably invests in modern and comfortable facilities to meet the needs of learners. The system of single or group classrooms, dormitories and other functional rooms such as gym center, dining room, relaxation area are designed impressively and well-equipped.


Moreover, relevant issues including cleaning, laundry, visa extension, SSP, etc. will be supported by functional departments. The quality of the meals at the school is guaranteed to provide adequate nutrients with a rich menu. Therefore, students can concentrate on studying well in school. At the same time, WALES also offers travel, study abroad and working holiday programs in New Zealand, Australia and consultancy which is all free of charge for interested students.

Convenient location

Located in Baguio – the Summer Capital of the Philippines, students enjoy the clean and fresh air when deciding to study here during a year. Young population, high intellectuals and absolute safety are also advantages of this city. So, when students choose Baguio for studying English, not only do they plausibly focus on learning English but they also easily connect with friends all over the world without any barriers.


Additionally, placed in the heart of Baguio City, learners can easily move to the shopping malls, entertainment areas or other services (restaurants, cafes) from WALES. It just takes about 3 – 10 minutes by foot or taxi for travelling to SM Baguio, the Public Library, the Public Market, Burnham Park, Valley of Colors, Strawberry farms, Flower gardens relaxation and entertainment after a stressful week of studying hard will be the best solution to release pressure, restore energy and continue for the next journey of conquering English ahead.

With the outstanding advantages, WALES is totally confident that students will have an enjoyable learning experience in addition to improving their ability to use the new language in a short period of time studying English here.


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