Why study English in the Philippines?

You decided that you want to learn English so you buy tons of books on how to learn grammar and vocabulary. You check the internet and watch videos on how to improve your English and then something pops up on your screen. Study in the Philippines… but why do you need to study English in the Philippines?

English Speaking Environment

The Philipines is a good English speaking environment because the Americans embedded their culture and language to our education, judicial and economy. English is part of our curriculum as early as primary school. We use English in our government and in trading. Most of the industries in the Philippines especially in Clark, Pampanga are related in English. ESL students can practice their English easily because almost everyone can communicate in English. You can go to any coffee shop and you can have a small talk with the locals in English.

Filipinos: Smiling People

Filipinos are well-known for being hospitable and friendly. You can see them singing all the time. They always smile even though there is no reason to smile. Isn’t it wonderful to be surrounded by Filipino teachers full of wonderful and beautiful smiles?

No One Can Relax Like a Filipino

One of the things that most foreigners are amazed at is that Filipinos are very relaxed as if there is nothing to worry about.  It is easier for our brains to process new information when we are relaxed. Relax, and enjoy talking to people.

We Are Sesame Street Kids

We are the Sesame Street Kids. When we were kids, at exactly 08 AM, we tune in to our TV and we watch this enormous yellow bird teach us English. We were exposed to this kind of TV program thus improving our English skills at an early age.


The Philippines has an amazing variety of food from each region. Some Filipinos have a lot of fruits in their backyard that we just give to people to avoid putting it to waste. We also have dishes that make you salivate. What is the best way to end your day after a long day of studying but nice steamy rice with chicken adobo and mangoes – yeah, try them.

The Filipino People

When we travel, it is impossible to not ask for directions or ask the locals about the place, the good thing here in the Philippines is that almost all Filipino can communicate in English with a friendly attitude and a smile – nothing beats the Filipino hospitality.

51st State… Almost

The Philippines was supposed to become the 51st state in the United States. American loves the Philippines so much that many Americans are living here.  Many ex-pats here in the Philippines stay in Angeles City, so studying in the Philippines and speaking with Americans is possible, all in one place. You don’t need to travel to the U.S. to meet Americans, Canadians, Aussies or Brits.

Perfect Combination

In my opinion, is that the place itself is a nice blend of countryside and modernization. In one area, you can go to the mall and shop, and a few blocks you can appreciate the beauty of the environment.  The Philippines is also a melting pot of different cultures. In one corner, there is a Korean town and the other is Punjabi place. Different people and cultures in one location. If you are in the Philippines, you can meet different kinds of people from the United States and even Australians.

So yeah, you can study at home and learn English in your own country but why do you study in the first place? Probably because you want to practice your English. You can do that with a group of nice Filipino people and with foreigners who live in the Philippines, enjoying yummy food while looking at the beautiful scenery. You don’t believe me? Search, come to the Philippines and see it for yourself.

Source: CIP English Schoolhttp://online.cipenglish.com/esl-blog/why-study-in-the-phiippines/?mc_cid=91ece45a3d&mc_eid=6428e6a2a7


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