Hoàng Yến – CIA

Bella’s experience who completed in 3 months in CIA

I’m Bella, 22 years old and I come from Vietnam where citizens are friendly and easy-going. I stayed in CIA 3 months and this week is my last week.
The first time when I came to CIA, I felt emotional shock because everything was new. The foods were strange, moreover almost of all new friends came from other countries that have different nationalities, languages and characters. But it was a first interesting experience of enjoyment someday.
I still remember that time when I went out alone and came back CIA. I unexpected saw many people who was dancing Zumba in the yard. It attracted me and I tried to join by my curiousness, it’s interesting over my thinking and I had a lot of new friends. We studied and enjoy our time in here together. I usually studied hard the day in the week with my teachers and had the trips in the weekend.
After some months study in CIA, I can confidently communicate with foreigner by English. My listening and speaking skill are really increased quickly which I can’t imagine before. This improvement of my English skill relies on the teachers’ help: they give me the experiences not only on study but also on the life and made me really change. Furthermore, they gave me their encouragement, support and patience to help me grow to what I am now. I truly appreciate. All their efforts and fully treasure all their teachings. I got more things than I expect.
Actually, I will miss my teachers, friends, the beaches with blue sea and white sand where I traveled in here. When I go back Vietnam CIA becomes an important part in my heart and schoolmates also like my siblings. I’m sure that I will never forget this time. Also, it’s possible I will come back Philippines someday. Especially if I have chance to study English again, I’ll surely come back CIA. Coming to CIA is a choice that I never regret in my life.