Tina – CIA

Experience of IELTS Student about her school – Cebu International Academy
My name is Tina and I come from Vietnam. I have studied IELTS in CIA for 6 months and I really have been here 3 months left. Now, I would like talking about my views when I stay in CIA, Cebu, Philippines.
From my point of view, Cebu is beautiful city with a lot of fantastic islands around. Since I love travelling, so I usually look forward to visit these breathtaking views. I still remember my memory that some my friends and I went to Camotes island. There were different nationally students and we had a fun time together. We already enjoyed the trip because of the fresh sea and exciting activities. On top of that, the best thing I love at there is seafood. It is very delicious and cheap. After hard learning long time in CIA, i though that it is a paradise.
In addition, although CIA is not at center of Cebu, but it is also near many malls like J mall, SM city mall, Ayala mall, etc. If we want to go shopping, we can walk to J mall or go to other mall by Jeepny and taxi. In Cebu, almost people use public vehicle to move other places. I’m really excited going by jeepny and it is a popular vehicle in Cebu.
Moreover, I’m impressed with IELTS program at CIA. I think this course is better than others. Therefore, if students want to have high IELTS band score to study abroad, they can choose CIA to study. There are many good teachers at here. They try to help us to improve my English skills in 4 man to man classes, including speaking, listening, writing and reading. Besides, they also teach us grammar and vocabulary in 2 group classes. In addition, there are 2 clinic classes and 2 self-study classes. We are provided more new words and more skills when do IELTS test. The most especial thing I liked that there is 1 Mock test at the last two periods on Friday. With this test every week, my teachers and me could assess again my level. After that, they have a separate process that is suitable for me.
Finally, I think CIA is a good English school in Cebu, Philippine. When I go back Vietnam I will miss the time stay here.