Nhật Nam – CIA

Nam’s Experience about CIA where helped him to improve his English skills

My name is Huynh Nhat Nam. Today I would like to talk about my English school- CIA in the Philippines and why I choose to study at here.

Before I came here, the agent had offered me some popular English schools in the Philippines but I chose CIA because of good impression it gave me the first time I searched information about it.

In here, I studied ESL for 4 weeks before I transferred to IELTS course for 8 weeks. I have to say that the first week of studying IELTS was really hard for me. I found out that my English may not be good enough to follow the program but my entire teacher gave me motivation.

They helped me a lot to improve gradually my level. They always said that “you can do it”, it really motivated me and made me believe in myself that I can handle it. Afterward, I set my target score and focused on the studies under my teacher’s guidance. Finally, I already achieved my goal in my last progress test. I realized that fact that the more challenges I have, greater sense of satisfaction I get when I manage to do it successfully. In my case, it is the highest lesson that I learned from CIA aside from studying English.

However, during my stay in CIA, I did not any enjoy with my classes, but I also enjoyed making friends with other students who come from various countries in ASIA. We shared great time and unforgettable memories in many activities such as group classes, journeys and sports inside the school. I wish I could stay longer and study more in CIA.