Jennifer – CIA

Cebu has lots of schools but I chose CIA to improve my English Skills

My name is Jennifer. I come from Vietnam. I study at CIA for 2 months. I have many unforgettable memories at there. Now, I want to talk to you why i came here.

I had graduated my high school last year. I did not enter to any universities, I want to study abroad but my English is not well. Hence I found information about studying English on the internet. I saw that learning it at the Philippines was beneficial and saving money. Therefore, I went to agency in Vietnam and choose one school to study. I considered between CIA and CPI. But finally, I chose CIA because there are 10 periods per day and I though it is enough time to learn English and my English skills can improve.

Now, I am going to talk about my feeling when I study here. CIA is a small school with a small pool and a gym. Both these accommodation help students to enhance their healthy. It is very important and necessary for studying. I just have only one comment about CIA, it is food. Maybe, there is different about culinary culture, so food in CIA is not suitable with me and some other Vietnamese students. It is more lubricant and less vegetables.

Even-though, I dislike food at here. However, I always find looking forward English classes. I have 4 man to man classes, 4 group classes and 2 self-study classes. I study totally 4 English skills – speaking, listening, writing and reading. Especially I learn ESL, then I have chance to speak to much. These-days, I can talk to every one by English. Besides I also can make new friends with foreigners who come from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

I think that when I go home Vietnam, I will miss my friends at CIA.