Lucy – CIA

My name is Lucy. I come from Hanoi City, the capital of Vietnam. I have already studied at CIA for 4 months, and I have 2 months left here. I’d like to talk about my experiences and unforgettable memories in CIA.

Firstly, I chose to study English in CIA because my agency said that CIA is one of the best schools to study IELTS in Philippines. In fact, when I studied IELTS course, I met good teachers. They taught me how to have high score in IELTS test. Besides, they help me to improve all English skills-speaking, listening, reading and writing. In CIA schedule, there are 4 man to man classes, 4 group classes and 2 self study classes. This table of time is suitable, and English level of students can be increased rapidly.

Secondly, the most impressive thing I have in CIA that my closed friends. They are from other cities in Vietnam and other countries – Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese. They are kind and friendly. We shared many hobbies and made best friends from that. In addition, we had some trips together to some places around Cebu. These places are beautiful islands and I could see breathtaking views.

Moreover, I still remember the trip to Danao Resort I had with my best friends. During that time, we went to Danao market, bought foods and grilled them in the resort. The food was very delicious, fresh and cheap, specially seafood, such as shrimp, octopus, and some kinds of fish. Furthermore, we spent more time for swimming and walked on the coast. It was really an exciting traveling.

Thirdly, I like CIA due to it is near many malls in Cebu. At weekends, we could go to there for shopping, and eating famous Pilipino food. Sometimes, we went to play bowling and after that, I felt relax more.

Inclusion, CIA is one of good schools to study English. And I’m satisfied with my choice.