Ngọc Phương – CIA

On 24th of Oct, a girl named: Skynie arrived in Philippines to study Eng. Its her first time to stay far away from her home and family. Even if she was scared of what will happen in her CIA life, she still feels excited because she will meet different nationalities, personalities and experience many things that she had never experience before. 

Ngoc Phuong at CIA
Ngoc Phuong at CIA on the initial test

Now she has some foreign friends who came from Taiwan, Japan, Korea… and Filipino teachers. They are very kind, friendly and outgoing. After 2 months of learning ESL, she had improved her Eng speaking skill. And she has good time, unforgetable memories. She had learned not just Eng lesson and life lesson as well. Before she doesnt know how to communicate because she doesnt have confidence to talk with people. But now she is crazy like teachers :))

Aside from studying Eng, she also grab the chance to travel and enjoy the view in Cebu. She has been to different places in Philippines like: Bohol, Nalusuan… These are very nice, cleaner and cheaper compared to other beaches she had been to. She has 4 months left so she wants to spend all the time to enjoy her life in CIA and Cebu in general. 

All in all, Christmas is coming, She doesnt know where will she take her vacation, maybe just stay in CIA 🙂

Ngoc Phuong at CIA
Ngoc Phuong (left)  and other nationalities  at CIA