Quỳnh Uyên – CIA

At the present, my future is on the new way of my life – living in a great environment of knowledge – my English School, Cebu International Academy.

Quynh Uyen - IELTS CIA

Lớp học 1:1 IELTS của Quỳnh Uyên (Quynh Uyen’s 1:1 IELTS class)

I stayed there for 3 months before and now I come back. I decided to learn IELTS course as the path to challenge myself as well as to enhance my foundation. Exactly, I started again with a little bit fear. I did not know how to begin with my lessons and I had a hard time to absorb everything. Under the technique of teaching from my school, I am getting used to do my mock tests every week with higher score compared to 1st time. At the first, I felt confuse and was really scared, fortunately, my teachers showed attentions to me and I am aware of my improvement. Speaking- one of the most difficult skill in English to the person who uses it as the second language like me- is extremely hard to speak clearly and fluently. I was ashamed of it because no one could understand me precisely. However, with an afford from one statement that “Patience is the key to be successful”. I try my best and imitate pronunciation in each class. Perhaps, my English at the moment cannot be seen as a great or awesome speak but seems better. Besides that, friends in here is also a factor contributed to mine. Making conversations with foreign friends helps me reflex faster in speak and know more about English accents of Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese… In addition, hit the book with exercises is the way that I may more concentrate on classes. On Tuesday and Thursday every week, I always take part in Yumpa, or play basketball with my roommates in free night. I really love the life in here.

Each individual of us has the period of living far from our homes; but, having the wonderful second house as CIA is the luck of my choice. Thank you my loving school!

Quynh Uyen - IELTS CIA 3

Quỳnh Uyên và Văn Tâm – 2 học viên từ MICE tại CIA (Quynh Uyen and Van Tam – the 2 students from MICE)

Quynh Uyen - IELTS CIA Quynh Uyen - IELTS CIA 2

Quỳnh Uyên và các bạn học viên quốc tế tại CIA (Quynh Uyen and other international students at CIA)