Trần Tùng Linh

I had stayed in EV Academy for 3 months and it is one of the best term in my life. I had chance to make friends with so many friends who from another country, they are Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, Chinese… At the same time, I have improved my English skills too much, I think my school is a good environment for people who are looking for relaxation as well as making their communication skill better.

Truong EV Cebu Tran Tung Linh

Trần Tùng Linh (giữa áo thun trắng) và bạn bè quốc tế tại trường EV

So that I think I already spent 3 months for studying English in here and wasn’t wasting time. The teachers are so friendly and kind, I like them. So if someone asks me about disadvantage things in here, my answer will be: The air – conditioner is cool. That’s all my verdict.

I really enjoyed my time with my friends in Cebu. I travelled to some islands, went to Top, Colon… It is happy time in my life.

Trần Tùng Linh (TED)